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Bibles: 8 11 13 14
American Standard Version (ASV)
Bible in Basic English
Darby Bible  
Douay-Rheims Bible  
English Standard Version      
King James Version
King James Version with underlying Strong's Numbers    
NET Bible -- General Distribution Version
New American Standard Version Update with Strong's Numbers    
New Testament in Modern Speech (Weymouth)  
Noah Webster's Bible (1833)
Textus Receptus/Westminster Interlinear  
World English Bible
Young's Literal Translation
Total Bible value $70.00 $100.00 $150.00 $210.00
Commentaries: 5 9 14 20
Adam Clark Commentary
Barnes' Notes on the Old and New Testaments
John Calvin        
·     Institutes of the Christian Religion  
·     Calvin's Commentaries -- 22 Volumes      
Creeds of the Church
John Darby: Synopsis of the Bible  
Finney, Charles G: Finney's Systematic Theology      
Geneva Notes, 1599  
John Gill: Commentary    
H.A. Ironside Commentaries -- 34 Volumes      
Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary
Martin Luther: Commentary on Galatians    
MacLaren, Andrew: Exposition of Holy Scripture    
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary On the Bible
Matthew Henry's Commentary On the Bible  
Scofield Bible Notes    
Seiss' Apocalypse    
Wesley's Notes on the Bible      
Keil and Delitzsch Commentary of the Old Testament      
The Pulpit Commentary      
Total Commentary value $50.00 $140.00 $797.70 $1,367.50
Topics: 1 2 4 5
Easton's Bible Dictionary    
Fausset's Bible Dictionary
Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary  
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Orr, James Ed.      
Webster's Dictionary Unabridged Dictionary -- Classic 1913 Ed.    
Total Ecyclopedia and Dictionary value $10.00 $30.00 $50.00 $50.00
Greek/Hebrew: 1 3 5 6
Brown Driver Briggs    
Strongs Dictionary
Thayer's Greek Lexicon (complete)      
Thayer's Greek Lexicon    
Englishman's Concordance  
Vine's Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words  
Total Greek Hebrew $10.00 $30.00 $50.00 $60.00
Books: 14 27 77 81
Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologiae  
Richard Baxter    
·         A Call to the Unconverted  
·         Compassionate Counsel to All Young Men    
·         Dying Thoughts Upon Philippians 1:23    
·         Life of Richard Baxter    
·         The Poor Man's Family Book    
·         The Reformed Pastor    
·         The Saints' Everlasting Rest    
Book of Common Prayer
E.M. Bounds:  
·     Possibilities of Prayer  
·     Power Through Prayer  
John Bunyan      
·         Grace Abounding      
·         The Pilgrim's Progress
·         The Holy War    
Classic New Testament Studies -- 31 volumes      
A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God    
Early Christian Church Study Collection -- 65 volumes      
John Flavel      
·         Christ Altogether Lovely    
·         On Keeping the Heart    
·         Pneumatologia    
·         The Fountain of Life opened up    
·         Life of John Flavel    
·         The Method of Grace in the Gospel Redemption  
·         The Mystery of Providence    
Fox's Book of Martyrs  
Works of H.A. Ironside (non commentary) 27 volumes      
Flavius Josephus  
·         Against Apion and Discourse to the Greeks  
·         Antiquities of the Jews, F. Josephus  
·         Wars of the Jews    
·         Life of Josephus    
a Kempis, Thomas: The Imitation of Christ
Martin Luther    
·         Selected Letters of Martin Luther    
·         The Smalcald Articles
·         An Open Letter to the Christian Nobility  
·         Preface to Romans    
·         Selected Sermons
·         Sermon on Threefold Righteousness    
·         The German Mass and Order of Divine Service    
·         Treatise Concerning Christian Liberty  
·         Treatise on Good Works  
·         Large Catechism
·         Ninety-Five Theses
·         Open Letter on Translating    
·         Small Catechism
·         Table-Talk  
Thomas Manton    
·         A Practical Exposition of the Lord's Prayer    
·         A Treatise of Self-Denial    
·         A Treatise of the Life of Faith    
·         Christ's Eternal Existence    
·         Christ's Temptation and Transfiguration    
·         Discourses to Promote Peace and Holiness Among Christians    
Andrew Murray    
·         Absolute Surrender
·         In the School of Prayer  
·         The Deeper Christian Life    
·         The Lord's Table    
·         The New Life    
·         The School of Obedience
·         The True Vine    
·         The Two Covenants    
·         Working for God    
Richard Sibbes    
·         A Fountain Sealed    
·         The Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax    
·         The Fountain Opened    
·         The Returning Backslider    
·         The Soul's Conflict    
Spurgeon's Morning and Evening
RA Torrey: The Fundamentals of Christianity
Thomas Watson    
·         A Body of Divinity    
·         All Things For Good    
·         The Art of Contentment    
·         The Doctrine of Repentance    
·         The Godly Man's Picture    
·         The Lord's Prayer    
·         The Ten Commandments    
John Wesley    
·         Journals of John Wesley
·        The Hymns of John Wesley  
·        Of Christian Perfection    
·        The Sermons of John Wesley    
Young’s Literal Translation (Notes)
Total book value $50.00 $200.00 $600.00 $1,334.85
*Including multi-volume sets: Early Church Fathers, Classic NT Studies and Works of Ironside.