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Biblesoft App

Click on the link to get to the App's home page. Just to be clear, the App is an online program, but if you are running this on an iPad or iPhone, then you can download the App from the iTunes store. Either search for Biblesoft in the iTunes store or go to the link below:

For the time being, we only officially support laptops, desktops, (windows XP and up, and Mac OS), and iPad. Other modern android tablets such as the Galaxy Tab actually perform well but aren't fully tested. Smart phones testing has been very limited, but we have had positive results on HTC One and Galaxy S4. We do not recommend using the App on Kindles. If you would like to add a device that the App does well on, click on Biblesoft App:Devices to let others know what you have been able to work with.

Content and Pricing

For a full list of what titles you can get in the App along with pricing, click on the link -

Previously purchased content will be added and may not appear in the list above.

Device Information

iOS Users

For the best experience on your iOS device we recommend the following:

  1. Navigate to in your Safari web browser.
  2. Click the ‘share’ icon iPad: located at the top, to the left of the address bar. iPhone: located on bottom bar.
  3. Select “Add to homescreen”. Need help?
That’s it! You now have an icon on your iOS device that gives you quick access to the Biblesoft App.

Android Users

For the best experience on your Android device we recommend the following:

  1. Download the Android Chrome browser.
  2. Navigate to on your Android device.
  3. Bookmark the Biblesoft App.
  4. Go to your Chrome bookmarks, long-press the Biblesoft App and select “Add to homescreen”
That’s it! You now have an icon on your Android device that gives you quick access to the Biblesoft App.

Fullscreen Experience
We recommend using the Biblesoft App in fullscreen mode. You can toggle fullscreen with one tap on located at the top of the app.

Mobile Gestures

Swipe Left/RightPrevious/Next Page
Double-tapToggle Full-screen
Long-holdSelect text
Toolbar Pulldown/Long-holdReveal main toolbar
Study toolbar Swipe Left/Long-holdReveal Study toolbar

Check out the Biblesoft App Tutorials Page by clickign on Biblesoft App:Tutorials

If you are having problems with using the App, click on Biblesoft App:Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the web app on my mobile device?

The experience on an modern generation iPad is consistent with that on the web. We are actively working on creating a highly consistent experience that will be available across all modern tablets/phones. The interface that you see in our web app is decidedly focused on providing a touch enabled experience. This enables you to use Windows 8 on a full-size touch screen computer down to tablets and phones. While the app will display with different results on various devices, some quite good, we recommend that for now, your testing and reporting be restricted to a computer with a standard pointing device such as a touch-pad or mouse.

Our first phase launch is to be available via browsers on the web. This enabled us to reach our customers directly as quickly as possible without the intermediate step of Apple and Google store approval. We are currently pursuing entry into these stores and will be available in app stores in 2014.

Why can’t I access all of my content?

It is fully intended that the Biblesoft App will provide you with access to your previously purchased library content. We have a new store in development that will allow the app to know what content should be made available to you. The new store is estimated to be ready in the beginning of 2014.

Do I have to re-purchase all of my content for use in the app?

No. We have added content to the app packages to boost the offering for new and entry level customers. We will be offering a Free Reader plan that will allow all customers to access previously purchased library and add-on content as soon as our new store is done. Your content is, in fact, ready in the app, but for our publishers sake we need the tools provided by our new upcoming store to manage the distribution of content.

Why the Premature Launch?
We realize that the release of the app without customers previously purchased content available immediately is less than desirable. We chose to launch during the holiday season instead of delaying our release yet again and risk frustrating our customers. It is our full intention to provide your content in a variety of feature levels (including a free version) as soon as possible.

New Options Coming Soon!
For those customers who do not feel that we have put together a package that works for them yet, let us reassure you that we are listening to you and will present additional packages and subscription options soon, including a Free Reader version. We apologize for any confusion on our launch offerings and are working toward providing you cloud study services at the most reasonable prices possible.

Are you going to provide more original language tools?

We have begun work on integrating the same great tools from PCSB in addition to providing brand new original language tools.

Will everything be online for now on?

For Desktops
We have already started testing our new Biblesoft App as an offline desktop application for Mac and PC. Tests have been encouraging but it is certainly not ready for release. We do not have an estimated time of delivery on this.
For Mobile
We have planned a limited offline mobile experience primarily targeting Bible reading. At this point most study tools will require an internet connection for the the foreseeable future.